This is Different CFD!

We have disruptively innovated the CFD.

We call it CFD2.0. The CFD the users want.

Easier and quicker than your best expectations.


Our CFD2.0 is based on an application-oriented approach and on a proprietary development of the Immersed Boundary technique. Our team adds up 50+ years of experience at the highest level in the scientific, development and business matters.

We can treat STL, IGES, STEP, BREP, OBJ, PLY and IFC files of extreme geometrical complexity in amazingly and unbelievably short times.

Last but not least: Innovation brings the prices down!

Users will love it!



VENTO, our generalist-mechanical version of our software, with an orange GUI, is the ideal choice for all CFD industrial analysts and designers.

Simplicity and quickness make it perfect for educational purposes.

4 dedicated layouts (apps):

  • External Aerodynamic (3D and 2D)
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Building
  • Internal Flows



VENTO AEC is the first CFD software specially developed for the AEC market sector. Civil Engineers and Architects will master its use with no required previous CFD experience.

Focus on 4 Main Applications:

  • determination of wind load on buildings and structures
  • outdoor comfort analysis in urban design and in the design of stadiums
  • time-accurate analysis of contaminat dispersion in urban environments, industrial and natural sites
  • HVAC, indoor clima comfort, energy saving 


* in italian


This is a collection of videos and pdf which show the power of our CFD2.0. A few videos are dedicated to show the incredible geometrical complexity we can handle.

More Videos on our YouTube channel, please Subscribe to it.



 Validations - VENTO CFD

We compared the results of our products with wind tunnel data and other CFD results.

If you have wind tunnel data that can be disclosed, we will be glad to test them and include in this list.